The beginning of Dopamyn's story

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At DOPAMYN, we are passionate about inspiring and enabling men to express their true selves with our range of sleek, sustainable, and rugged handmade silver jewelry. DOPAMYN jewelry is more than just something you wear. It’s about being part of the evolution and the revolution; the new wave of men who are not afraid to express their virtues and accept themselves despite all their flaws. These men are freeing themselves from the bounds of societal norms, and we want you to experience how great it feels to be a part of this revolution and community. As you may have noticed, our name, DOPAMYN, comes from the word Dopamine. Dopamine is a neurochemical that is released into the brain in response to pleasurable activities like eating your favorite food, buying a new piece of clothing that you’ve had your eye on, or sharing a special moment with your partner, for example. Dopamine contributes to people’s alertness, focus, motivation, euphoria, and overall happiness, and our jewelry is designed to inspire and enhance these qualities in those who wear it. We are proud to be based in Mexico City. It’s the diversity, creativity, and innovation that runs through the city’s veins that inspires us and drives us to create our unique jewelry designs. We believe that we put the very essence of Mexico City into every piece of jewelry that we produce, and we aim to capture the feelings of youth, masculinity, exploration, and independence that breathe life into our city and our souls.