¡Tenango: De las manos artesanas al glamour de las pasarelas! Un viaje cultural y sostenible con Dopamyn.

Tenango: From artisan hands to the glamour of the catwalks! A cultural and sustainable journey with Dopamyn.

The vibrant colors and unique patterns of Tenango, an ancient textile tradition of the Otomi community in Hidalgo, have captivated the fashion world. From exclusive catwalks to trendy boutiques, Tenango has become a sought-after item by designers and fashion enthusiasts.

Renowned brands such as Isabel Marant, Tory Burch, and Rodarte have incorporated Tenango into their designs, creating pieces that blend Mexican craftsmanship with avant-garde trends. Even the iconic French house, Hermès, has embraced Tenango, including designs inspired by this textile art in its collection of scarves.

Beyond a trend:

The use of Tenango in fashion not only represents an aesthetic phenomenon but also highlights the cultural richness of Mexico and the importance of preserving ancestral traditions.

However, it is important to recognize the need for a responsible and ethical approach to the use of these cultural elements. Brands inspired by Tenango must do so with respect for the Otomi community, recognizing their authorship and ensuring fair remuneration for the use of their cultural heritage.

Dopamyn: Honoring Tenango and fashion with commitment and sustainability

At Dopamyn, we are deeply committed to Tenango and its cultural value.

Our handcrafted jewelry, made with gold and rhodium, incorporates designs inspired by Tenango, paying tribute to the mastery of Otomi artisans and celebrating the beauty of this ancient tradition.

But our commitment goes beyond creating unique, high-quality jewelry. At Dopamyn, we care about the environment, so we use biodegradable packaging for our jewelry.

The box in which you will receive your order is made of recycled cardboard, and the accompanying bag is made of hand-embroidered blanket. In this way, we aim to minimize our environmental impact and contribute to a greener future.

By purchasing a Dopamyn jewel, you are not only acquiring a unique and high-quality piece, but you are also supporting the preservation of an ancient tradition, contributing to the well-being of the Otomi community, promoting responsible fashion that is respectful of culture, and helping to protect the environment.

Join us on this celebratory journey into Mexican culture and discover the magic of Tenango in our handcrafted jewelry!

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